Kaiser KR20


  • 175/60R-13
  • 185/60R-13
  • 205/60R-14
  • 185/45R-15
  • 195/55R-15
  • 195/55R-16
  • 205/50R-16
  • 205/55R-16
  • 215/55R-16
  • 225/55ZR-16
  • 205/45R-17
  • 215/40R-17
  • 215/45R-17
  • 215/50R-17
  • 225/45R-17
  • 225/50ZR-17
  • 235/45ZR-17
  • 225/40R-18
  • 225/40ZR-18
  • 235/40ZR-18
  • 245/40ZR-18


The KR20 KAISER is KENDA’s summer ultra-high-performance tire with an uni-directional tread design. The line-up includes over fifty sizes and types from 13 to 20 inch sizes in speed categories H, V and W.

a. The V-shaped tread design provides excellent cornering, handling, and traction.
b. The advanced compound offers stability and grip performance


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