The KR23 KOMET PLUS is one of the most widely selling standard performance tire pattern launched by Kenda Tires. The KR23 pattern is available in more than 50 different sizes ranging from a rim diameter of 12 to 16 inches. Amongst this large variety of sizes,the two most versatile and popular sizes are 205/65R-13 and 175/65R-14. Komet Plus is available in various speed categories including H, M, Q, S, T and V.

The size 205/65R-13 is specially designed with a symmetrical tread design pattern which makes it highly suitable for bigger vehicles such as Innova. Due to its unique design, the wet handling performance of 205/65R-13 is superb making it the most popular choice for taxis in India. The 205/65R-13 pattern is also known to perform the best in winters without compromising on mileage. The Komet Plus pattern available in size 175/65R-14 has been designed with enhanced siping which in-turn provides highly reliable traction for the vehicle under different weather circumstances.

Both KR23 205/65R-13 and 175/65R-14 are designed with special features that reduce noise during the drive and ultimately provide a much more comfortable ride to travelers.

KR23 Komet Plus has thus been one of Kenda’s most successful product due to which it was also awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2009. Apart from these two top performing sizes, Kenda Tire India also offers the following sizes in KR23 Komet Plus,

  • 145/80R-13
  • 155/70R-13
  • 155/80R-13
  • 165/65R-13
  • 175/70R-13
  • 185/70R-13
  • 165/80R-14
  • 165/65R-14
  • 175/65R-14
  • 175/70R-14
  • 185/60R-14
  • 185/65R-14
  • 185/70R-14
  • 195/60R-14
  • 195/70R-14
  • 185/65R-15
  • 195/60R-15
  • 195/65R-15
  • 205/65R-15
  • 225/60R-15
  • 205/65R-16
  • 215/65R-16